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Checklist to buy Viagra online

Check if you meet minimum order quantities and minimum age. If required, make a note of the minimums and ages.

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Make sure you choose a good shipping method. This is particularly important for orders shipped outside Canada and the United States.

Ship Viagra with UPS to make sure it arrives in perfect condition.


How to buy Viagra online - safely

The answer to this is a bit complicated. If you know you are a man over the age of 18, you require your physician's supervision to purchase Viagra through these websites. If you already have a health insurance plan that covers your prescription, you may be able to get a discount on your prescription. However, if you are self-pay, you will have to pay for Viagra at full price. To ensure a positive experience, it is always wise to consult with your physician before taking any medication without prescription.

You will need to pay a $15 to $30 per package (in U.S.) shipping. In some cases, you can use the following online methods to buy Viagra online. If you do not own a Canada-based online pharmacy, you will need to pay with cash or credit card over the internet. Some Canadian pharmacies also will ship packages via Canada Post for a fee. If you need to take more Viagra than is recommended, you can buy Viagra online cheap without a prescription from a Canadian internet pharmacy.


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Viagra is one of the better treatment options for erectile dysfunction, and can help ease your symptoms. But just like any other prescription medication, you shouldn't use it if you've taken certain drugs for a while. Know that in the online pharmacy you can buy Viagra online it is good opportunity for you.

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With Viagra, you can get stronger erections than with any other form of erectile dysfunction medication. Viagra can help your penis become erect during and after sex. For this reason, over a thousand men around the globe use Viagra to help them improve their sexual performance.